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Testing for NASA

Every once in a while you get to do something cool.  Well this is a good one.  Developers for NASA needed an acoustically quiet space for noise testing of their "undisclosed" technology that will be used in outer space.  I brought them into the Vocal Room for 2 sessions as db measurements were made at…
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Surround Mixing

Recently, I mixed two full length albums for a client in full surround.  The mixing itself was fun and creative and a process that is easy for me to do.  It is the encoding and formatting that can really trip you up though. From hires DVD-A or Video DVD-V there is plenty of reasons behind…
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You just recorded your Masterpiece. Are you really going to listen to it on ear buds?

"Of course not Jim, I am going to use my laptop!"  What???  In today’s world of convenience and functionality, we forgot the term audiophile quality. However, we are all about experiences and now the HiFI industry is catering to these new formats of streaming, laptop playback and music servers so you can have your functionality…
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