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Did You Copyright Your Music Yet? It’s Not Hard.

Copyrighting your music is the only way to have a valid claim of property with a time stamp that will hold up in court.  Today filing is all done online. However, there is some legal jargon that still exist and it is best to have someone walk you through it if you have not done…
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Your Band Is A Business. Treat It Like One.

All too many times I hear bands talk about conquering the music industry and making it big, but then you watch their actions and they are doing nothing to support that path of growth.  They are staling out their dream and not even realizing it. Your Band is a business, so treat it like one.…
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Why A Website Based Off Of A Social Platform Is A Bad Idea

Myspace was the social platform that started it all. When you asked a band if they had a website they said yes Well, that is not your website, it’s myspace’s and look what happen to them. If you had a million subscribers on myspace and no real website in your own control, then you…
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