Alisha Peru

We received a call from a father who wanted to have his 15 year-old daughter make a recording. Jim had several conversations with him as they tried to determine if this would be a simple demo or a full production product. After hearing and assessing the talent of the young artist, Jim came up with a few options for the different levels they could to take it to. Ultimately they decided to take it to the highest quality production, but do it in segments of 3 songs at a time.

She provided Jim with a few examples of artists she really liked, and Jim used them as guidelines to shape and mold her final product. We hired additional musicians except for piano, since this was her main instrument. Besides the writing of the original song and melody line, every note was tailored by Jim. He guided her on how the new piano parts would have to be played once the orchestration was distributed among the other musicians/instruments. The guitar, bass and drums were done in the same fashion, the hardest being the guitar as the nature of the instrument offers limitless options.

In these two samples you can hear what the client brought to us, and the final recording that Jim created in the studio.

Do you Hear the Difference?

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