Portfolio Category: Music Production

Alisha Peru

We received a call from a father who wanted to have his 15 year-old daughter make a recording. Jim had several conversations with him as they tried to determine if this would be a simple demo or a full production product. After hearing and assessing the talent of the young artist, Jim came up with…
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Amber Norgaard

We had a singer-songwriter who wanted to add a pop adult contemporary edge to her song. She initially sent in a vocal and piano demo of the song. Being hired on as the producer, Jim helped arrange the music, hired musicians that he thought would give the appropriate sound, engineered and recorded the project with…
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We had a metal band that had specific goals they wanted to accomplish – they wanted the overall sound of the album to compete with bands like Pantera, Slayer, and Testament. After hiring Jim to produce their project, we spent roughly two weeks discussing these bands to see what they did and did not like…
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