Jae High Session

We had a great time the other day with rap artist Jae High and his crew in the studio.

Jae High came in for a one-song vocal session with songwriter/producer Trevor Lebsock. Lebsock had already mixed the beat at his home studio, but he wanted the vocal tracks done in a professional studio. Jim Pavett answered the call, and the results were stellar.

When it came time to mix the vocals, Lebsock decided to have Jim take a look at the raw mix of the entire song to see if there were areas that could be improved by our expertise and high-end gear. Jim happily obliged and was able to fine tune several sections that Lebsock felt were sub-par, giving the mix a much broader and dynamic feel. Once the tracks were remixed, Jae High's vocals were added back in and mixed accordingly. Finally, Jim mastered the entire song to give it a bright polished sound. In the end, we absolutely exceeded Lebsock's and Jae High's expectations, taking the session from being a simple overdub session to a full-fledged commercial production.

Jae High's crew stayed around for the entire session and we ended up giving them a nice tour of the place. We've recently renovated our studio, so it was great to have new faces looking around and offering feedback on all the changes we've made.

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