Canon Cinema Camera Arrives for Music Video Shoot

Video has been a passion of mine for years and I am super excited to announce the arrival of a Canon Cinema line camera to Allusion Studios.  This camera allows me to use canon’s finest interchangeable lenses to capture all sorts of angles for more inspiring shots.  Along with other enhancements to the rig, I am able to now go in the real world and capture movie quality shots.  These pictures show the latest production for a music video I am working on.  3 Cameras to capture the stage.  Gimbal stabilized camera for motion shots and Cinema Camera for story line captures.  In post I have 21 streams of video available to edit the concert scene and time-lapse married to actual video for the story line scenes.  All of this then gets color corrected and finalized.  I can’t wait to share with you what major players in the industry are involved with this album, but I am under contract to keep quiet for the moment. Contact us if you need video services.

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