Jim Pavett featured in forthcoming Educational DVD and filmed at Allusion Studios

June 2, 2009, marked the first day of filming for a new educational DVD, The Studio Edge Pro Audio Recording Series. The DVD, produced by the popular video tutorial company ASK Video, is slotted for a tentative international release in Fall/Winter of 2009. ASK Video is a well-known leader in the pro-audio software tutorial industry, and has a stellar reputation that speaks for itself. Jim is both humbled and proud to be taking this giant step in his career as an educator and trusted recording engineer.

What began as a moment of clarity on a trip to Fiji two years ago (followed by 88 pages of script, nearly 200 animations, tons of product placement, lights, cameras, a teleprompter, and lots of patience), has culminated into a new passion and exciting future of giving back to the world.

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