You just recorded your Masterpiece. Are you really going to listen to it on ear buds?

"Of course not Jim, I am going to use my laptop!"  What???  In today’s world of convenience and functionality, we forgot the term audiophile quality. However, we are all about experiences and now the HiFI industry is catering to these new formats of streaming, laptop playback and music servers so you can have your functionality and audiophile listening experience too.

In Tucson, the older generation owned HiFi brick and mortar has gone away. We are left with the big box store which has sub-par offerings with unknowledgeable staff regarding HiFI. How many of the big box staff has listen to 100 different brands including $750K+ systems.  Probably none of them.  But I have.  I have critically evaluated these systems to know what is good, what is not, what is realistic and what isn’t.  As with all my research, it gets processed over months and then a realistic solution for my clients is formed.
Now you might say, "but Jim, CD's and DVD's and even Blu-rays are the thing of the past.  I download everything on my laptop."  Well, I have no issue with this, but what happen to your speakers, amp, and larger screen/TV?

I was in the middle of upgrading my speakers a few weeks ago and had a period where I did not have any for a few weeks.  All I had was the speakers built into my TV.  To sum it up, it was awful. Once you have a good system, you never want to go back. People forgot why we started liking media to begin with.  It was for the quality of the full range audio which made you feel like you were at a live performance and brought emotion into your live.  The same for movies too.  We have all seen how a movie comes across without the music and sound effects added in; lifeless!  My new system is unbelievable.  When I listen to a movie, it is like being at the theater.  When I listen to music, it is like the performance it right in front of me.  The imaging, depth and detail is stunning.

Allusion Studios now through it's sister company Pure Wave Audio is offering Audiophile Sound Systems.

The reason I got into the business of recording and earned an electrical engineering degree was due to my love for home stereo electronics. It pains me to see clients that only have a laptop for their media experience.  Now you can use the laptop as a media source, or some nice high-end players, but we need to interface this with high quality preamps, amps, cable and speakers (And monitor/TV if doing visual media).  I am here to say that I have taken some of the best quality brands that are also affordable, in comparison to the esoteric offerings, to create an amazing listen experiences my clients can buy and take home and enjoy every time they listen or watch something. This includes their own recorded creations!

A System for Every Budget.

People who have worked with me know that I am very good at matching what you are looking for to the right system.  As I mentioned before, I do the research!  Weather it is a simple Bluetooth desktop stereo with real bass response, a full multi-room experience, to a full audiophile dream listening system or surround system, we can match your needs with a quality experience.  For those who do not know, my sister company Pure Wave Audio became the first Focal Professional Dealer in the USA which carries Studio Monitors for recording studios.  I have not heard another studio monitor to this day that has sounded and performed better.  The technology for these speakers was derived from the HIFI side of Focal. And now I can offer this same quality of sound for your home sound system by Focal. From a range of $500 to $200K for a pair of speakers, they have you covered for all listening scenarios. Pair these speakers up with SPL Mastering grade preamps, Amps, headphone and phono amps paired with VoVox or Nordost cable which are the leaders of the industry and you have yourself a listening experience.  Please check out our system pairings with multiple colors to choose from for components, cables and speakers.

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