We just took Mastering to 11

I am proud to say I have just installed two of the best analog mastering components you can own into our mastering chain; The SPL Iron Mastering Compressor and PQ Mastering EQ.  I have owned may cars that did not cost as much as these two components.  Along with my Lynx AD/DA upgrade last year and the finest in cabling we now have a hybrid mastering chain that exist in the digital and analog world with unbelievable stellar results.  This mix of components, my electrical engineer approach and 30 years of recording experience married with our Haverstick tuned control room and Focal speakers is creating some results that are on fire.  Of course all our clients get this type of quality service and audiophile sound while recording at Allusion Studios, but if you have a home recording, please trust us to make your project the best it can be with our Mastering Services.

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