We’ve got a Grand Piano!

Allusion Studios is proud to announce that we now have a grand piano in-studio, available immediately to our clients.

This particular piano is a mint condition, 30 year-old Yamaha G2; a classic and versatile model, built for large sound without having a large footprint. These pianos are known for having a rich, round balanced tone that’s not too bright and not too mellow. The keys are perfectly weighted to please the majority of players. Overall, it’s the ideal piano for studio recording purposes.

We’ve been searching for the right piano for a while now, and this was certainly a gem of a discovery. Finding an older one was important to us because the body has had plenty of time to settle over the years. The piano is therefore more consistent and produces are much warmer sound. In addition, the balance of highs and lows means that it won’t overpower other instruments in your songs while maintaining a crisp and full sound that cuts through to the listener.

Contact us for free tour and consultation, and have our piano shine on your next recording project!

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