Why A Website Based Off Of A Social Platform Is A Bad Idea

Myspace was the social platform that started it all. When you asked a band if they had a website they said yes myspace.com/BandName. Well, that is not your website, it’s myspace’s and look what happen to them. If you had a million subscribers on myspace and no real website in your own control, then you just lost your million fans. The point of social media is to funnel traffic back to your home base: AKA your OWN website. This means www.YourBandName.com. This way as social platforms come and go, you can use them to bring traffic and exposure to the only palace that really matters; your web site. Then you can house all your videos, music, items for sale and your blogs. Any social media post will not be a video posted to the social site, but a link from your website posted so they are encouraged to come back to your website and check out more information and goodies. If you take this approach to all the social sites available, you will soon get more traffic with no issues when one platform fails.

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