Your Band Is A Business. Treat It Like One.

All too many times I hear bands talk about conquering the music industry and making it big, but then you watch their actions and they are doing nothing to support that path of growth.  They are staling out their dream and not even realizing it. Your Band is a business, so treat it like one. Make a plan. Create a budget. And the biggest one; Fund the business. You can’t expect to move forward if you are not willing to even spend a dime on your dream. People have gym memberships they are paying for but never go, and the amount of resistance I see when anyone suggest that all the members come up with $20 a week or month to fund the band is huge. Imagine the growth with 5 members at $20 a week. Within a few months you have money to market, record and promote your band. How simple is that. It just takes prioritizing and goal setting.

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