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Jim Pavett

Jim Pavett

Since 1984, artists and companies (both national and local) have trusted Allusion Studios to record and produce their work. We offer a wide variety of audio and video services to suit your needs. Whether you are a solo artist, five piece band, motion picture studio, or just looking to improve your own recordings, Allusion Studios is the best choice for your project.

Allusion Studios is owned and operated by Jim Pavett, an Electrical Engineer and a musician with an impeccable ear for pitch and sound. Jim designed and built Allusion Studios on three fundamental principles: Customer Service, Flawless and Accurate Sound, and Dedication to Cutting Edge Technology. Along with our team of friendly, experienced and knowledgeable engineers, our facility operates with zero noise interference, forged by the best audio cabling and wiring techniques in the industry. As a result, we offer our clients quality customer service, better efficiency and pristine sound quality, without compromise.

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Our Philosophy

"It's not about the equipment...it's about talent, expertise, and you." -Jim Pavett

It's a radical notion in the world of recording studios: where engineers rule supreme, it's always about the equipment. I don't mean to negate the importance of high-quality equipment (as our own studio is engineer-designed and operated, and we are a licensed dealer of some of our favorite equipment), but I emphasize that your recording experience and final product should be about you – your talent, your creativity, and your vision – supported by our expertise.

With over 25 years in the business, we have worked extensively across a wide spectrum of musicians, instruments, and musical genres. We understand how to employ the right tools for a particular task, how to tease the nuances of the recording process to achieve a particular feel, and how to coach musicians and groups through the creative process to capture their best performances.

I myself am both a professional drummer and a college-educated, certified electrical engineer – a unique combination of experience, bringing to your project an intimate understanding of the creative and technical aspects of the music, as well as the technology, physics, and art in capturing each instrument and voice.

I’ve thoughtfully designed our studio to meet exceptional needs. There is plenty of space to accommodate large groups, while the unique design allows your whole group to jam together live, capturing the absolute feel and groove, while isolating each instrument for better control in the mixing process.

I believe that achieving the most professional recording experience (and product) possible is not about the equipment. It’s about much more than that. It’s about talent, expertise, and you.