Featured Services

  • Studio Recording

    Allusion Studios is ready to accommodate you in a creative atmosphere, whether you want a live, intimate, controlled, reckless or isolated sound. Our spacious live room, and acoustically accurate isolation…

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  • Mixing

    Once your tracks are recorded, we enter the mixing process. This process blends all of the individual sounds down to the final Stereo or 5.1 audio. Every instrument is carefully…

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  • Mastering

    Mastering consists of a series of processes which include final equalization, multi-level compression, level matching, de-noising, IRSC coding, time between tracks, fades, and P & Q sub-coding to Red Book…

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  • Voice-over / ADR

    We can produce your voice-over session with ease. Whether it's a 30-second commercial spot or a large-scale audio tutorial, we are fully equipped to capture and assemble your dialogue. We…

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  • Music Production

    WHAT IS A PRODUCER? Many songwriters sing and write on an instrument, but are not necessarily a consummate musician. The writing process can often leave an artist stumped by their…

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  • Recording Education

    THE PROBLEM Have you ever bought new recording gear and still didn't get the results you wished to achieve? Do you have trouble shopping for recording equipment because you're not…

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