Working with Allusion Studios was the perfect ending to a long series of "How the Earth Works" for Science/Discovery. The staff were all very professional and expedient, allowing us to get all the necessary voice overs completed and matched so that every show had identical sound. They were even able to patch our executive producer from the United Kingdom into the studio so he could make sure each take was perfect. A huge thank you to everyone at Allusion Studios! I know what studio I am going to for the end of next season.

Martin Pepper, Host - "How the Earth Works", Science Channel

As a professional vocalist, I have had the opportunity to tour and sing with amazing entertainers including Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Jim Nabors, Florence Henderson and Charo, to name a few. Most of my career stemmed out of the LA scene in which I have done many recordings. Now that I am based in Tucson, I was amazed to see what Jim Pavett and his staff at Allusion Studios has to offer. The attention to detail from matching mood and instrumentation; to pairing song and voice with talented musicians; to offering arrangement and 'sound' suggestions - a true state-of-the-art full-service operation!


The feeling, the quality, the environment, the advice received and the total experience and ultimately the result is exceptional!


I have now recorded 2 full albums with Allusion Studios and always feel at home when I am there, and I look forward to my next project with the Allusion Studios stamp on it. I am so thankful to have Jim Pavett and Allusion Studios in my corner.

John Young, Singer/Songwriter

The band Caleb's Spirit would like to thank the whole staff at Allusion Studios, for achieving the band's psychedelia blues and folk rock sound. After playing out for 1 1/2 years and rehearsing the songs we took into the studio to record, everything came out great! The garage sound/style we have - Allusion Studios took it to a higher level! The band is being blessed by good reviews in indie magazines in the USA and the UK, and also from the masses who have purchased the band's 7 song "sessions" EP. Wait until they hear the 3 songs added to the 7 with the different mixes! Thank you & blessings.

Richard Acevedo, Bassist/Vocalist

Jim Pavett is my "go to" recording engineer at Allusions Studios. His background in electrical engineering clearly shines and adds to his wisdom base. Jim’s motto at Allusion Studios is: "It's NOT about the equipment...It's about the talent, expertise, and you." That's easy for Jim to say because he has the equipment, talent and expertise to make your recording performance sparkle. From my experience, his studio reflects the detail and care that only a perfectionist puts into making everything as great as if he were doing it for himself. To simply put it, this musician/engineer has the skills to select just the right equipment to make your talent shine brightly in all the right ways, which makes for a very healthy boost in your own journey of creative experience.

Dr. Steven Gurgevich, PhD