Mastering consists of a series of processes which include final equalization, multi-level compression, level matching, de-noising, IRSC coding, time between tracks, fades, and P & Q sub-coding to Red Book Standard. Mastering is one of the most essential aspects of a recording project, and the quality of your project depends upon it.

Commercially successful albums rely on mastering to achieve the best possible sound, and only a skilled, experienced engineer can properly master your album. Home studios often say they offer mastering, but really don’t have the expertise or the resources to deliver. We have seen many home studio mastering jobs destroy the final product.

At Allusion Studios, you'll get professional mastering along with the individual care and attention your project deserves. We have worked with today’s top professionals like Adam Ayan from Bob Ludwig’s Gateway Mastering (where nearly 60% of all top radio hits are mastered), and have done extensive training and research in the field.

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