Recording Education


Have you ever bought new recording gear and still didn't get the results you wished to achieve?

Do you have trouble shopping for recording equipment because you're not sure what you need?

Do you hesitate at the idea of spending thousands of dollars for a recording school where you have to compete with other students for real hands-on lab time?

More and more people are recording at home instead of going to professional studios. The technology involved has become so accessible that almost anyone can record in thier home. However, because of clever marketing, people spend a lot of money on gear they don't need. It's not enough to simply have the best equipment money can buy. We can show you how to fully use what you already have.


When researching the latest trends in equipment, forums, blogs, business, and school programs, Jim Pavett discovered a huge discrepancy between affordable recording technology and engineering knowledge. As a result, Jim decided to pass on his own knowledge and experience to those interested in getting what books can't tell you and only life experience can teach you. Read more about Jim Pavett.


Learn the fundamentals of sound engineering crucial to your success in the studio. Understanding the physics of sound is the number one reason you will succeed as a recording engineer. Audio recording isn't only about recording great music. It's also about knowing how to deal with your surroundings and the equipment to capture the best sound possible.

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