Music Production


Many songwriters sing and write on an instrument, but are not necessarily a consummate musician. The writing process can often leave an artist stumped by their own music, unable to see the overall potential. This is where the producer comes in. A producer, drawing on years of experience in the recording studio, can effectively navigate the pitfalls of the creative process. By being an objective 3rd party, the producer can offer suggestions that the artist may not realize. It is typically in the artist's best interest to hire a producer they think will guide them toward the sound they are looking for.


If you need guidance in developing your project, Allusion Studios can help you achieve your full potential. Our staff of engineers, led by Jim Pavett, has a combined 75 years of music and recording industry experience as engineers, producers, studio musicians and performers. Jim himself is an established musician and producer, who has been credited for his work as a recording engineer on a Grammy nominated project.

Our diverse background gives you the advantage of having a team of experienced professionals who speak your language. From the raw inception of your project, we will help you create a sound and a style that is uniquely yours.

Producer fees vary from project to project. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us.


Listen to some before and after examples of our production work.

  • Alisha Peru

    We received a call from a father who wanted to have his 15 year-old daughter make a recording. Jim had several conversations with him as they tried to determine if…

  • Amber Norgaard

    We had a singer-songwriter who wanted to add a pop adult contemporary edge to her song. She initially sent in a vocal and piano demo of the song. Being hired…

  • Muscle and Blood Star Studded Album

    The Muscle and Blood album was recorded at Allusion Studios and produced by Jim Pavett.  It is a rock album with legendary musicians on it. A full featured Music Video…

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