Imaginary Love Ballads – Released as a Dual Package CD/DVD

Long time client Todd Whisler has recorded six albums and is currently working on another progressive disk with some of our top studio musicians. Titled Imaginary Love Ballads, the release includes Barry Sparks on bass, Richard Katz on keys, Jim Pavett on drums, Michael Ronstadt on cello, Todd on guitar and Doug Floyd on lead guitar. Throughout the recording process, a number of HD cameras have been rolling to document the experience. “We’re not even done with tracking yet and we’re pushing 3 terabytes of data just in raw video footage,” said Jim. “I’ve been making dailies for Todd as fast as I can so he can put the story together. From there I’ll take his favorite moments and start compiling the actual footage to make the story come alive. After that I’ll mix all the audio of dialog against camera audio and final album mixes. It’s a huge project compared to just making a quick one-song multicam video.” Todd is preparing for a dual release that has the CD on one side and the DVD on the other. This way he can share his recording experience with everyone.

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