As a professional vocalist, I have had the opportunity to tour and sing with amazing entertainers including Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Jim Nabors, Florence Henderson and Charo, to name a few. Most of my career stemmed out of the LA scene in which I have done many recordings. Now that I am based in Tucson, I was amazed to see what Jim Pavett and his staff at Allusion Studios has to offer. The attention to detail from matching mood and instrumentation; to pairing song and voice with talented musicians; to offering arrangement and 'sound' suggestions - a true state-of-the-art full-service operation!


The feeling, the quality, the environment, the advice received and the total experience and ultimately the result is exceptional!


I have now recorded 2 full albums with Allusion Studios and always feel at home when I am there, and I look forward to my next project with the Allusion Studios stamp on it. I am so thankful to have Jim Pavett and Allusion Studios in my corner.

John Young, Singer/Songwriter