Did You Copyright Your Music Yet? It’s Not Hard.

Copyrighting your music is the only way to have a valid claim of property with a time stamp that will hold up in court.  Today filing is all done online. However, there is some legal jargon that still exist and it is best to have someone walk you through it if you have not done so before. This is something I can help you with. Keep in mind there is two types of copyrights. PA form (Performing Arts) for copyrighting the music and lyrics and the SR form (Sound Recording) to copyright the actual recording of the song.  You should do both.  To give you an example: If the Beatles recorded their own original song, they would file and own the PA and SR copyright. But if  Artist X made a recording of a Beatles song , they could only lay claim to their  recorded version of it which is the SR copyright.  The Beatles would still own the original song (PA) copyright and their own SR copyright since their recording has nothing to do with Artist X's version.

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