Preparing For The Studio: Rehearse As If You Were Already In The Recording Studio

One of the best ways to get ready for the studio is to rehearse the band like they are recording in the studio. Using a simple device like a phone app to record the band as they play will really show you during playback if the arrangements of parts are working with each other or against. If something is getting lost, it might be the part drowning it out is the wrong part, or needs to be more dynamic and mellow out to let the other parts shine though. Listening to the playback is also a great way to monitor tempo. If you have a great drummer with excellent time, make sure the rest of the band is not pushing him around tempo wise. Even if you do not plan on using a click in the studio, practicing the whole band with a click will really reveal any weak points. If you have the ability to put everyone on headphones, this will help acclimate the band to the studio environment. If not, at least get some instrumental recordings on the phone and have the vocalist practice with them with headphone since they usually track their parts after the band.

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